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Our Environmental Policy

As Birfen Elektrik Elektronik we see the environment as the most valuable treasure we have and we believe that it must be protected in the future in terms of all of us being injured. In this frame, we express this sensitivity in every step of our activities and productions.
That is why our policy is; Meet and even surpass the legal requirements of the relevant environmental legislation. To apply the environmental policy we have created in our world and aim to improve even further with constant innovation. Our main principle is to prevent pollution at source and to reduce the negative effects on the environment. Identify and mitigate risks for environmental emergencies. To prevent adverse effects that may affect the environment by fulfilling the Occupational Health and Safety Rules.
Main aims and objectives related to these important environmental factors: To reduce and prevent any environmental pollution and noise as much as possible. To select the packaging and material as recyclable and to use it again on this count. To provide efficient use of energy and materials. As a company, we are able to maintain the same sensitivity towards the environment in all areas of our production by overcoming our environmental policy and understanding.