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Automation Services

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LV Panel Manufacturing

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As Birfen Electrical& Electronics, our aim is to provide electrical and electronic assembly and engineering services in accordance with the most successful and quality standards, to serve customer needs in line and to bring customer satisfaction to the maximum level. Our main goal is to always improve the quality of the work we do and to take the competitive power in the market to higher levels. The management and development of the quality management system is the responsibility of all our employees.


As Birfen Electrical& Electronics, our occupational health and security policy is to destroy danger in its source. Additionally, we undertake that follow the technology and implement it according to the needs, employ experienced personnel and increase employees' contributions, increase the contributions, continually improve our business health and safety management system, continually improve our performance, analyze the potential hazards that our employees may be exposed in the workplace, proactively approach them with necessary risk assessments, comply with the laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.


As Birfen Electrical& Electronics, we aim to raise the risk of having a preventive and risky system that defines the monitoring of targets and targets and environmental performance in line with the principles of human beings, environment and collective respect, to make our activities compatible with the expectations of our related international and international legislation and standards, to provide conscious protection in their surroundings. Global resource protection; information about your energy and material producers, analyzes for all sectors and all sectors. These principles are at our disposal. Integrated with the Environmental Management System's Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety System.


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