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Our Quality Policy

Our company, which has made customer satisfaction a principle, has proved and committed to comply with all relevant legal requirements. Our quality management system is documented, documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Based on Total Quality philosophy, we try to reach company and unit targets within team spirit. Preventive approaches to improve our performance are determined by passing our business processes with the self-assessment process. In line with the continuous improvement approach, your efficiency in all our processes is increased to a level that can compete internationally. Innovative and creative approaches are encouraged, and trainings that enhance technical and behavioral competencies are carried out.
By a phenyl; fully and continuously fulfills the current legal obligations relating to the company, agrees with the contracts. It provides all the resources necessary for the protection of employees’ physical and mental health and integrity, and takes all the foreseeable precautions to pass through their occupations in safe environments. Continuous trainers ensure that their employees are knowledgeable about Integrated Management Systems, increasing their awareness and active participation in system implementation and continuous development. Service quality is constantly being upgraded to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We work together to raise the quality levels of our suppliers.
Provides optimum use by determining the welding needs. It evaluates the risks that may threaten the information assets and takes measures and determines the business strategies in this respect. Uninterrupted continuation of the information services used in the realization of our corporate activities provides necessary infrastructure and takes necessary security measures so that access to personal and private data can only be accessed by authorized persons. Institutional information, staff personal information, customer data (financial data, personal information) is deemed valuable and critical, and fulfills the requirements of all relevant laws within the scope of management systems.