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Human Resources Policy

Birfen Electrical& Electronics aims to improve the skills of the employees with the modern human resources methods while keeping in the foreground the personal and professional developments, to support the continuous learning and development and to educate the staff of the managers at every stage with the principle of sharing knowledge.
Birfen Electrical& Electronics believes that the most valuable capital is the human resource, and that the mutual trust and respect are dominant, and the company which supports the participation, diversity and polyphony continues on its way.
As Birfen Electrical& Electronics, we have our core values in our approach to human resources, our corporate culture, our business ethics principles (our ethical values), which make up our values. Our human resources strategy is to create a human resource that is focused on the company’s goals, works with the team in an integrated structure, produces, develops continuously, is compatible, motivated and has a high level of commitment. We reflect our common values in our management style and see them as indispensable. In order to prepare our employees for tomorrow, we invest in human beings with an emphasis on education at every stage and at all levels.