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Fiber And Paper Pullıng Machines

Fiber And Paper Pullıng Machines
Proje Adı Fiber And Paper Pullıng Machines
Lokasyon Yalova
İşin Kapsamı Panel Manufacturing
Program 2018

Proje Detayı

They are machines consisting of groups of rollers running one after the other according to process conditions, running synchronously with each other, dragging each other and running cascade with each other.
In order to achieve the desired production quality in such machines, cycle sensitivity is very important. Specialized automation solutions for fiber and paper drawing machines are one of our specialties. We set up common DC barrier systems to save energy in fiber and paper drawing machines and to provide maximum strength in energy fluctuations (excess energy from drifting groups). Drivers fed from a common DC bus are being repulsed to the network by means of AFE systems operating on four zones in excess of energy as well as exchanging energy with each other. We sign very successful machine projects with solutions we provide with products belonging to Rockwell Automation family. Our systems that provide safety standards in compliance with the safety regulations of the machinery provide the facilities to increase production quality.
The most important detail for the operation is the SCADA systems that the machine uses.
We apply our SCADA systems, which have large libraries that can provide all the visual graphics you want by creating production-specific prescriptions, easy cycle setting, proportional capacity increase reduction, process control.