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Automation Services

Our company is Rockwell Automation Official System Integrator

We offer services with Allen-Bradley products in automation solutions.
We offer solutions by choosing products with Controllogix, Compactlogix, Microlojix family according to your project needs. With Ethetnet IP-based (unless you specifically request another protocol) and with the help of Allen-Bradley switchers, we easily integrate all of your devices into our system to communicate with our control system. Thanks to the modular structure, we are able to expand the systems to expand in the future.
Automatic Device Configuration In short, if the driver of the control system is corrupted by the ADC system, we will make it easier for the maintenance personnel to load all the settings and parameters via the PLC after installing the new system.
We offer solutions for your operators’ needs by offering SCADA solutions for many different sizes of touch or touch + key HMI (operator panel) devices or PC based systems.
Automation software is made by our company. Thus, at the end of the work, only one correspondent is provided and software, panelist, supplier, projector are not required separately.
Safety systems, which are the most important step of automation systems in terms of safety of your machines and processes and safety of work health, are designed to meet the rules and provide the SIL level written in your specification. Allen-B radley Basic Safety Safety automation solutions are provided for a wide range of fan needs ranging from the most advanced Guardlogix CPU systems.
Remote I / O systems, which are especially preferred for dispersed site deployments, can be operated with dual Ethernet ports, ie RING to communicate on both sides. In this way, your line will not only be notified when the communication cable is disconnected, but will notify you.

Automatic Transition to INDUSTRY 4.0

The Connected Enterprise, which has gained momentum in the facilitating technologies, including the birth of the Industrial Objects Internet (IIoI) and the data analysis, remote monitoring and mobility, which Rockwell Automation famously gave to The Connected Enterprise in the name of Industry 4.0, more connectivity and information share opportunities to open new opportunities.
The Connected Enterprise, led by our industry expertise and complemented by public and private initiatives such as Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, L’industrie de futur and Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), leads to better decision making, improves inefficiencies, action.
The Connected Enterprise makes the most of technological advances such as data analysis, remote monitoring and mobility from Big Data. And to improve productivity, to protect your environment, to ensure your operations are safe, and to use these advances to help manufacturers to increase manufacturing intelligence.
If you choose Rockwell products in your automation systems, you will automatically step into Industry 4.0 even if you do not have such a demand. Because the infrastructure that is the most difficult step of this business will be provided by itself. Our company before starting to talk all projects in Turkey with Industry 4.0 Industry was being done even within the 4.0-based. At this point, it becomes more preferable and demanded thanks to the more conscious factory administrations.
We know the challenges that global manufacturers face and we develop innovative automation solutions. Focusing on identifying and achieving core organizational data, we are committed to improving decision-making through The Connected Enterprise and achieving superior business value
As Birfen Elektrik Elektronik, we continue to work with all the automation needs of the factory by establishing dialogues with you, correcting them in the right steps and happily meeting the ones that will be revealed.