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Installation Services


Our team of 100 people; We have been working actively in the industrial facilities for 40 years, we are experienced and ready to undertake electrical-enstrum assembly works of our factory with our advanced machines and devices which speed up work and increase job security.
Under the management of our field engineers; We are at your service with our technicians and technicians, each of whom is led by team heads who have mastered the project and P & ID reading.
We are aware of the responsibility for the work we do in the areas our clients entrust to us. Our team, established in high ethical business, who works like doing business to their own homes, has been working with us continuously for 40 years.
We recognize the importance of human health. We are aware that nothing can be as valuable as a tiny finger. For this reason, our B and C Class OHS specialists, our workplace physician and regularly train our staff. We organize meetings every month in order to be able to serve you better and to maximize the security while doing this with our OHS management team. We make pre-work Risk Analyzes and work with personal protective equipment given to our personnel according to the situation of the job and zero work accident with frequent field inspections.


Especially in the chemistry sector, our employees who have knowledge and working habits in Ex-Proof fields regularly receive ATEX trainings and are certified with exams. According to the ZONE classification of the field we are working with, appropriate installation is provided for the rules and every after-work checks are carried out by our responsible field officers.


Our employees also share their knowledge and experience with the employer in the difficulties they see in the field and contribute to the project planning phase.


Ex-Proof or normal Plumbing works,
Cable pull,
Installation of ductwork (Electric cooker),
Conduit installation (Boring)
MV, LV Panel Assemblies
Transformer Installation
MV Headline Production
Field, Building and Environmental Illuminations
Grounding, Lightning Protection
End Connections for Force and Control System
Field measurement equipment installation
Hydraulics (Installation and connections)
Pneumatic (Assembly and connection)
Counter test (Cold test, hot test, calibration, configuration and measurement work)

We are at your service with 40 years of experience.