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Our Panel Manufactures


We are ABB ARTU and System Pro-E Power Authorized Partner.
We manufacture certified panels with type tests up to 6300 Amps and FORM 4B.
We reflect our experience with many reference projects to our new projects.
We offer EAE Brand Panel solutions for local projects.
ADP panels are manufactured in accordance with all required IEC standards in Turkey. Specs are examined in detail and are not started until 100 percent compliance is achieved.

According to our customers’ preference in MCC requests; We produce with ABB IS2 or EAE
We have EATON XEnergy System integrator for drawer panels. We can meet your panel demands up to 5000 ampere with type test approval
Stainless steel (inox) panels, which are important in the food and chemical sector, are manufactured by our specialist technical team. It is assembled as external or internal type without damaging the stainless structure and preserving the IP class.


Our company offers many alternative options for your compensation needs.
One of the biggest problems of businesses is to make correct compensation to get rid of reactive consumption penalties. Only those specialists in the business can provide this.
According to the needs of your operator; We offer compensation solutions with contact, Thyristor, Harmonic Filter. If desired, we offer compensation solutions for bucket construction. In this way, your compensating groups that are damaged or maintenance time can be repaired locally without being affected by your entire compensation system.


PLC, DCS, Marshalling panels are designed according to your needs.
One of the most important details in automation panels is that thousands of connections are labeled very well. The most suitable markings for you are produced in accordance with the projec- tion with many different marking methods available in our company. The terminals, cable numbers and all the components in the panel are labeled in detail.
We only have a separate team working on the automation panels. Automation panels with the most challenging projects are delivered in a short time and without any errors.
Since there is an automation team working on turnkey projects including software in our company, you can also offer your automation panels to cover your whole business if you desire.


Festo and SMC, especially your favorite branded products are paneled by us.
Panels manufactured by our team specialized in instrumentation are tested by our compressed air collectors and delivered in working condition.


As it is known, Ex-Proof Panels have to be specially certified and fabricated. However, the panels’ design and interior designs can be made by panel assembly companies provided they are connected to certain rules.
It is important to note that all the holes and cuts from the factory do not lose the Ex-Proof feature of the original panel that was made during the electromagnetism. We have a team that has completed the necessary trainings and certifications for this.
We have been providing reliable solutions for your Ex-Proof panel needs with the experience of the service we have provided in the chemical sector for 40 years.


All panels we build are tested to the finest detail. There are field equipments in our workshop and each point is subjected to real tests separately. The control steps are controlled individually, and after the panel is exhausted, detailed tests are carried out which can take 2 weeks according to the size of the work. We are applying our control methods which we have developed over the years with our own experience, adhering to the Check-Lists of the companies we have built system integrators. Thus, we are producing panellists who are the dreams of many companies and who do not come to the field.
In the sectoral sense, all the panel manufacturing we have done to serve the high level companies fulfill the requirements of demanding specifications. Our guiding method in this regard is to ensure compliance with the rules of the companies that make system investments and make great investments every year to AR-GE and certify them.
We are behind all the panel fabrication we have done as Birfen Elektrik Elektronik and we will do after that. We are constantly improving ourselves to provide better services to you.