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<p>With our experience and experience since 1979, the quality, environmental and occupational health safety policy determined to indicate and express our quality, environment and employment understanding and objectives to our customers and all other stakeholders specified in the context in the Electrical & Electronics sector in YALOVA province includes the following commitments and principles. We take into account the use of our wastes as a result of our activities throughout the life cycle, then its recovery and thus a sustainable environment.</p>
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<li>To understand customer demands and expectations and to increase Customer Satisfaction by providing reliable, quality products and services in this direction,</li>
<li>To continuously improve all processes affecting the quality of our products and services with the participation of risk-based thinking and our employees,</li>
<li>To provide motivation of employees and to contribute to their individual development through Continuous Training,</li>
<li>To be a profitable organization to make our growth sustainable,</li>
<li>To increase our productivity by working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers,</li>
<li>To protect the Environment and Natural Resources we live in, to prevent environmental pollution by following all developments, to reduce waste at the source, to recover as much as possible, to dispose of and dispose of undoned waste without harming the environment, to analyze all possible risks,</li>
<li>To contribute to the formation of environmental awareness by announcing our Quality, Environment and OHS policy to our customers and suppliers to all interested parties,</li>
<li>To act in accordance with the Legal and Applicable Conditions and with a sense of responsibility towards the society.</li>
<li>Targeting ZERO ACCIDENT,</li>
<li>To implement and continuously improve the necessary activities for the prevention of injury and occupational diseases</li>
<li>To continuously improve our Integrated Management System by implementing it effectively.</li>
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<p>BIRFEN ELECTRICITY, Electrical & Electronics sector; It is a company that works on the principle of customer focus, knows the sector well, knows the expectations of its stakeholders and defines new expectations, acts respectfully to the environment, acts with the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety and aims for the highest level of satisfaction of them.</p>
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<p>To be a corporate company that protects its sustainable growth with the values it creates, is preferred with competitiveness, is trusted as a strategic partner, is sensitive to the environment and people, and is preferred in the sector.</p>
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